Luluna Slings - Geo Deer Mars Review

Im reviewing Luluna Slings’ Geo Deer Mars. Luluna Slings isn’t a company i was previously familiar with. I’ve seen their wraps a couple of times, i remember how vibrant their carriers were but i could never catch the name. Luluna Springs is a Polish company that makes moderately affordable wraps. Each wrap is a limited release so if you love it, grab it quick! You can find out more here

Geo Deer Mars is one of those wraps that doesn't have a "wrong" side. Both sides are equally beautiful. The white side reminds me of Christmas. The White is vibrant like freshly drive snow and the deer pops out. The burgundy side is bright and radiant. The colors pop beautifully.Its perfect for those autumn and fall months. 

Geo Deer Mars is 100% cotton and has a GSM of 300. That means its really easy to clean. There is nothing special you have to do. You can treat this wrap like a baby item. There is no need to be delicate. To clean it you can throw it in the wash with detergent with no optical cleaners. ( I use Honest Company Laundry Detergent.) 

This wrap has a GSM (gram per square meter) of 300. That means this wrap is thick and supportive.Its perfect for those cold months. It has also proved to be more forgiven with my sloppy wrap jobs. Its perfect and supportive for toddlers.

I love this wrap. i would HIGHLY recommend it for someone who lives in a cold climate, a beginner or some one who has a toddler. it was really easy to break in( a simple braid did the trick) and isn't high maintainace. Out of the package it had tons of sleepy dust. Im definitely looking forward to my next Luluna Slings wrap. I'm currently eyeing Mother Of Dragons and Lolita Midnight.


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