Support Is Needed

My wife has breastfeed 4 babies! With Raven i felt kind of left out. At 2 am there was nothing i could do when she cried. I mean, i could change a diaper or maybe burp baby but i wanted to be an essential part of feeding baby. i was not thinking clearly. So i got my feelings in check. I begin to help my wife in other ways. I learned as we had Musu,The Toddler, and Squishy.

Finish cooking for her when the baby needs her.
Babies require immediate attention. There is nothing more stressful than hearing a screaming baby while you are trying to get food ready. My job is to help relieve that stress as much as possible.

Cut up her food so she can eat one handed .
Its very important that Mom eats and drinks. Squishy ALWAYS wants to eat when everyone else does. Without fail she will cry when Wife starts to eat. There is nothing i can really do, so I try make the situation tolerable.

Clean around the house.
Breastfeeding is draining. She is waking up every 2 hours to feed baby. Sometimes more. You can lessen her stress by just picking up so when she wakes up she doesnt have to worry about also cleaning.

Snacks on Snacks on Snacks
Get some snacks! Keep water, nuts, granola , maybe some chips and chocolate. Make sure she stays hydrated, Make sure she has snacks a comfy pillow for her back and the remote.

Compliment Her
Give compliments. Tell her shes beautiful. send "Youre amazing" texts. They love that stuff.

Remind her to take self care.
Spending time with your child isnt babysitting. Remind her youre there and capable. You can clean while she showers or browse Amazon lol. Shes nourshing an entire human. That takes energy and focus.


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