How Tandem Wearing Improved My Parenting

One day in Target my then 2 year old fell out.... simply fell to the ground, screamed and went "Boneless".

 I had an epiphany. Just because a child can walk doesn't mean she should. (Actually this was said to me by my wife lol.) I wrapped her up and she fell asleep. After that day I made a habit to wrap her. I sympathize with parents and care givers in supermarkets that deal with sleepy and "boneless"toddlers. I preach the good word of toddler wearing.

A couple months later, Nairobi was born. My wife had a c section and could carry her. Strollers are heavy. With a toddler on my back, I had to figure out how can i carry both girls. I DISCOVERED TANDEM WEARING!!  Lmao shout out to whoever invented tandem wearing. Sleepy toddler on my back and a squishy baby on my front. I was able to hold the babies and simultaneously care for my wife. I could still do my hobbies and hold BOTH babies. Because my daughters were having less meltdowns, I had more patience. I interacted with both babies more. I was able to rock the baby and show Mina different plants. I was more involved. I wasn't doing damage control or trying to solve melt downs.

I am forever grateful for tandem wearing. I became a more involved father. I wasn't as flustered and was able to control public outburst, things being pulled off shelves and an antsy toddler who wants to run around.( We still deal with it but its a lot less!)


  1. Wow! That's really one useful item for a parent. Shall keep this in view in case I need it someday haha. :)

  2. Tandem wearing has gained its popularity. I find it so handy - I used to wear it when my kid was younger and I really like it. It helps and allows my free hands to do other things.

  3. Good thinking and keep it up. Have to be strong enough for the weight both front and back, though.


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