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KOL KOL Baby Carrier Review

So I'm just going to start off by saying i have never used a Onbuhimo (On BOO He MO) carrier before. I have my reservations. (Really? No waist strap?) i was confused pulling it out the package. (Judgement free zone here!) Ill admit i brought it to my wife confused as all get out. But once she explained how to get it on i was SOLD! I love it lol.Im a big guy. Waist straps makes me nervous. There are companies who do not make their waist straps fat friendly. Onbuhimo solved that QUICKLY!

So ill explain it for the people out there who are like me. Instead of using the waist traps, the legs go through the straps and you make a seat with the bottom... Ill insert a picture.

I love the Kol Kol Onbuhimo. It has amazing padding for my shoulder, you can do both front and back carries, the panel size is amazingly generous so i can carry Nairobi (7 months) and Mina (4 years old), the shoulder straps are also adjustable. I can comfortably carry either baby and so can my wife. I really enjoyed …

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